November 19, 2010

EPA Delays E15 Waiver Decision For 2001-2006 Vehicles

According to The Hill, the EPA will delay it's decision allowing the use of E15 in 2001-2006 vehicles.

The Environmental Protection Agency is delaying a decision likely until early next year on whether a higher ethanol blend is appropriate for vehicles in model years 2001 through 2006 in order to conduct more federal testing.

The Energy Department "has informed EPA that lab testing of E15 in model year 2001-2006
 vehicles will now be completed by the end of December. EPA will make its 
decision shortly after receiving that data," according to an EPA statement to E2.

According to Growth Energy, the delay was being caused by one vehicle exhibiting problems on all fuels including straight gasoline.

“We’ve been informed by EPA that the decision is being delayed because of the need to retest one particular car that hadn’t been properly maintained and serviced. That particular car failed on all fuels, including E0. The problem was with the testing process, not the fuel. This also demonstrates just how committed EPA is to the integrity of the testing; they are doing this right. We are confident that ultimately all the tests will show what we’ve said all along, that E15 is a great fuel for American motorists.”

The oil industry on the other hand, welcomed the delay.

The American Petroleum Institute welcomed news today, reported in the media, that the Environmental Protection Agency would delay a decision on whether gasoline with up to 15 percent ethanol is safe for vehicles built during the 2001 to 2006 model years.

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