November 08, 2010

Sheetz Creating E-85 'Clean Fuel Corridor'

Pennsylvania motorists wishing to use E-85, a cleaner fuel consisting of 85 percent Ethanol, will soon have a more consistent source of fuel as they travel between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

Sheetz today unveiled its "East-West Clean Fuel Corridor" where E-85 fuel may be purchased. That includes three Pittsburgh area Sheetz locations and three locations in and near Harrisburg.

"We are taking this step to help our customers who want to use E-85," said Stan Sheetz, president and CEO of Sheetz, Inc. "They shouldn't have to search for E-85 locations as they travel. Our customers in Pittsburgh have had access to E-85 at three locations since 2007. Now, commuters traveling east and west between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg will know exactly where they can refuel. Our goal is to expand the use of E-85 into more locations to extend the corridor and help our customers."

The six Sheetz locations selling E-85 include:

* 5410 Campbells Run Road, Pittsburgh;
* 1000 Clairton Blvd, Pittsburgh;
* 3954 William Penn Hwy; Monroeville;
* 1098 Harrisburg Pike; Carlisle;
* 1796 West Trindle Road; Carlisle; and
* 6290 Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg

The six Sheetz locations will display special E-85 signage to show that the fuel is available. Informational brochures also will be available for motorists at each location.

"With gasoline prices constantly fluctuating, it's important that we provide our customers fuel options," added Sheetz. "Increasing the use of E-85 decreases our reliance on foreign oil while providing more opportunities for America's corn farmers. It also reduces emissions and helps with cleaner air."

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