November 02, 2010

Global Biofuels Alliance Launches Website & Welcomes New Members

Global Biofuels Alliance, Inc. (GBA), established in 2010, is a new nonprofit trade association representing small to midsize biofuels producers, traders, marketers, distributors, and other interested biofuels parties. The GBA’s formation was prompted by the need for a voice for small and medium sized companies active in the U.S. biofuels industry. The new Alliance is committed to providing such a voice to ensure that federal policy and policy makers respond to the issues facing its members.

Today, GBA has launched its website and welcomes new members to join the five founding members, who are existing biofuels producers, biofuels equipment manufacturer, and biofuels traders from various parts of the country. New members will have an opportunity to immediately participate in shaping the GBA’s advocacy agenda and strategy. In addition, members of the Global Biofuels Alliance have access to Tier 1 Health Effects testing data for biodiesel from an agreement we have with one of our founding members, Nextfuels, Inc.

The GBA’s current focus is to advocate for reinstating and extending the Federal Biodiesel Blenders Tax Credit. In the future, GBA anticipates that federal incentive priorities for the biofuels industry will shift from the traditional tax credit to other policies. Therefore, the GBA will continually work with its members and with other national associations to shape future federal policies and legislation that will positively benefit small and medium sized companies active in the biofuels industry.

Global Biofuels Alliance Website

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